Silicon Germanium

The large data demands of today’s Mobile, Cloud, and Big Data applications and services mandates high speed communication connectivity solutions using Wireless, Wireline, or Optical connectivity with ever increasing data rates and bandwidth. These applications require greater chip integration, higher performance, and increased bandwidth while delivering reduced power consumption and in cost effective solutions. Telecom, Datacom, HPC, Mobile, and Wireless have been primary drivers and in addition, new applications, such as Satellite Communications, Point-to-Point radio (V-Band/E-Band), Defense and Instrumentation are demanding RF performance over wide operating conditions.

Silicon Germanium BiCMOS technology is ideally suited to supporting increasing communication demands in wireless and wired networks. It combines strengths of two different processes into a single device; Bipolar transistors that offer high speed and gain and CMOS FETs (Field Effect Transistors) that excel in low power digital circuit implementations. This allows for digital, Analog and RF functions to be integrated and build a complex, small low power System on Chip (“SoC”).