Access, Backhaul & 5G

Unprecedented demand for bandwidth is extending the range of wireless applications from traditional microwave spectrum into the mmWave domain. Ka, Q, V, and E frequency band transceivers, with use of massive MIMO technology, will be part of the core technologies in backhaul and access links for 5G and new SATCOM applications as well. Additional unlicensed bands in the E-Band range have been opened up by the FCC and are available now for such new applications.

The GigPeak team’s system experience and design capabilities in mmWave transceivers and beamforming network architectures, in various IC technologies from GaAs, GaN, and SiGe BiCMOS, is an excellent partner for our customers looking for optimal and effective solutions for such new challenging market opportunities.

GigPeak offers today a large range of high-performance E-Band products, including power and LNA amplifiers, up- and down-converters, and highly integrated multifunction transceivers for backhaul, fronthaul, and emerging satellite applications. Products are offered as bare die, or as leadless SMT System-in-Package (“SIP”), allowing the radio designer flexibility to achieve best performance with┬áreduced cost.